2 thoughts on “” Saturate “

  1. I like what God has you do with your blog, but this one just struck me because of the effectiveness of the image. I’m a bubble bath guy, and so it really evoked a “Yes!”

    • Thank you David,
      God is so good, and Loves us so much.
      Providing unique ways for each of his children.
      My wife takes a warm bath almost every evening.
      I too take bubble baths occasionally,
      and really enjoy relaxing in the warmth of the water.
      God wants us enjoy his word in the same way, so as He does
      ever so often; He gives me a picture as He’s speaking to me.
      His word is alive, and when we speak it, it brings life to us and
      to all that hear it.
      God Bless you greatly on this Thanksgiving Day

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