Where are we? When it comes to Reaching Maturity.

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                 Usually people mature physically somewhere around 20 years old;  at this age some think that they know all they need to know and stop learning. Most others continue to grow, learn, and improve their understanding, but some of those fall short of their potential becoming narrow minded. They are only willing to learn in specific areas, closing their mind to so many wonderful opportunities. There are others who find out that they are three part beings; tapping into their full potential, in the family of God. Once a person is at this point; they are much more than just a physical body with a brain; they can receive all the nourishment they need, and grow into true maturity.

We can grow if we want to; by putting our self into a good receiving position.

As a solid piece of ice melts in a glass of water; we will become more like this lukewarm worldly environment we live in, if we don’t have something to help us stay solid. Staying solid is possible when we abide in the word, which is alive and wants to grow in all of God’s children. The fruit that grows in each of us will make us stronger, healthier people. Being able to hear and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit; who lives in us, is essential to staying solid, non movable in what we believe.

After 40 years of living life my way, I made a choice; turned to and I gave my life to God through believing in Jesus. My life changed drastically for the good. I was able to see “really see” for the first time and have understanding like I never had before. But I was still living in the world, and of the world, more than God’s word asked.

At the age of 57 I made a new decision, to obey “The Word”, completely as best as I can. Making that decision to obey was the best choice I ever made. Not Compromising…

Not to run away from God, but run to Him (Like a child running to and then sitting in his Dad’s lap listening to him; making a choice to obey his every word) completely surrendering my life, choosing not to allow anything contrary to “The Word” to be part of me. I became grounded in His glorious Love; Real love which I believe is the key to maturity, that is enabling me to see things a lot different; making it easier to walk in forgiveness, completely trusting Him, and helping me to enjoy all of His wonderful promises.

I used to dream about flying in the air. Now I feel like I am flying, really set free from the gravity of Living in the world. What a great feeling, with more Peace and Joy than I have ever enjoyed before. I will be 60 in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to each wonderful new day, and what it brings.

During the past few years I have come to the conclusion that true maturity is when the word of God becomes part of your very being, which you have become. When life happens, the first thing that comes to mind is from the Holy Spirit who is living in you, and the most important part of you.

When we have yielded our own personal feelings, to abide in “The Word”, and believe “The Word” (Jesus) who abides in us; getting this word of God into our heart, believe in our heart, and confess it with our mouth, continually living our life by “The Word”. Asking to hear the voice of God through the Holy Spirit clearly, Praying in the spirit, Listen to that voice of God in your spirit, and do what he says to do. Enjoy the Peace and Joy that is part of this new life which there is nothing that compares…

Our Church has a saying. Sit down, shut up and grow up. We all need to do that; sit in our Fathers lap over and over, learning all that he has for us to learn. Without Gods Love in us, nothing else works very well. Being Grounded in His wonderful love is an important part of Maturing.

Going to and becoming involved in Church has played a very important part in getting the word into me. Reading, listening to “The Word” each day and through music with the word in it helps a lot. Not choosing to listen to or watch things that are contrary to the word of God. Listen to The Holy Spirit always, and pray in the spirit as often as I can. These things have helped me very much…

Jerry Ward

June 20th 2012