” By His Spirit “

In a dream I had 3 weeks ago, I saw a book cover with lush green grass, and in the dream I was trying to write the name or title on the book cover in the center area. One time I would write “Being Spirit Fed” and the next time I would write “Spirit Led”. I was not sure in my dream which should be the title. Maybe both, and It should have two lines. I woke up three times during a three hour period, and every time I would go back to the same image for the second line. A oscillating sprinkler head, distributing water in a soft gentle manner. The next morning after I woke, the impression was very strong. So I tried to put what I saw together in a image,as I listened to The Holy Spirit within me. Most believers want to be Spirit Fed, hooked up to the water hose ( the word of God daily ) and be Spirit Led, but as the oscillating sprinkler head represented, we are led to distribute what He is putting in us, in a soft and gentle manner continually, which contributes to the lush green grass (so to speak)for all of those who are around us to receive. Spirit
Please Click on the word Spirit to see what I put together in PDF. ( 12 pages) God Bless