” The Last Breath “


How would it be,
The Last Breath for you and me?

Each one of us will have one,
We don’t know just when.
We all had a beginning
But, do we all have an end?

A few things I remember about the seven last weeks of my Brother George.

He had only weeks to live when we moved him in with us
He had good days and others not so good.
He loved his three little Chihuahuas and hated to see them go,But he knew he couldn’t take care of them anymore.                                                                                                                                       We were able to find a good home for them after a few weeks.

And if you knew George, then you know how his car was always very important to him.He liked driving and spending time with it. It was kind of like one of his best friends. After 4 days after he arrived here, he couldn’t drive anymore, So no more cars, this was a sad day for him when he had to let it go.

 During his first days with us, he was afraid to go to sleep at night.
Thinking he might die in his sleep. So my wife Cindy checked on him almost every night.
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