” Redeemed “

Grinder Redeemed 7-10-14


” Jesus Wept “

John 11:35    Jesus wept.


(a song Tammy Welch’s grandma use to sing)


He washed my eyes with tears

That I might see

The glory of Himself

Revealed to me

I did not know that He

Had wounded hands

I saw the blood He spilled

Upon the sands.


He washed away the things

That made me blind

And then I saw the clouds were silver lined

And now I understand

‘Twas best for me

He washed my eyes with tears

That I might see.


” For This Reason “

is from the 1st and 3rd chapters of Ephesians.  My wife and I were married in 1976 and in 1992 we opened our selves to a sort of Pandora’s Box. And to make a very long story short, we were separated and in a divorce battle. Turning to Jesus I became born again. I learned to pray, and a few months later found this Ephesians prayer and started using it, inserting my wife’s name where the word you…. is daily. I also got others to be in agreement with me during my prayer. ……. 

Months went by, but I never gave up believing in God’s faithfulness. She gave her heart to the Lord and God restored our marriage a short time later. We now share as best as we can about what God’s Marvelous love can do in anyone’s life that is given to him.