Hezekiah, Hezekiah, Hezekiah

Hezekiah, Hezekiah, Hezekiah,
Is the word I heard in a song as  I woke from a dream. So I wrote it down. Here is a Healing message about Hezekiah.
And one from today… God Bless
Hezekiah  9-5-14

My Daughter who is 31 now, asked me a question a few weeks ago which went like this.
Dad, Do you remember when I was a little girl and the palm of my hand was covered with warts? I said yes, I think there was over 10 of them, which you were a little embarrassed going to school with them. Yes she said: And remember mom praying for them to go away in the name of Jesus. I said yes again. It was a heartfelt prayer in which I was in agreement with her. And the next morning we were very excited and praised the Lord for removing every one…..of them…” Hallelujah”.
Well, as she continued; I met this lady a few months ago, and she showed me the bottom of her foot, which was covered in warts of some kind, causing her extreme pain, and could hardly walk. I told her this story, prayed for her in the name Of Jesus. And I Didn’t see her again for months. Well she found me last week and told me that she came looking for me the next morning, but I had moved, so she didn’t know where I was until now. She was so excited to tell me of the warts completely being gone the next morning. Thank you Jesus!
God is truly a healing God, and not a respecter of people.