About Mind Traffic…


We all have thoughts, which are generated from, or because of somewhere or something ………

 What kind of  traffic runs through our minds? Or do we allow?

 We can take them captive, allowing only the ones we choose to run through.

But if we take the ones from the Lord and put them in our heart;

then we shall prosper in all areas of our life.

There is a great plan for each of us who are In “The Body of Christ”,

Where we can become the masterpiece we were intended to be.

A special place , enjoying the peace and joy that’s beyond one’s imagination.
I was 40 before I found out this good news. I came to know the truth and started my relationship with Jesus. This relationship has Empowered me to gain an understanding of life. It revealed to me a wonderful plan. One that was made just for me. Now, With My Eyes fully open, I am able to see in full color. which before was like seeing in black and white. What a difference knowing Jesus our Lord and Saviour makes. A wonderful fulfilling life.

Cindy and Jerry 2010

My Wife Cindy and  me..


3 thoughts on “About Mind Traffic…

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow “Unwalled”; am truly honored. I pray that the Lord uses my posts to encourage, edify and inspire you in 2013 and beyond….no matter where the path takes you, continue to cherish your relationship with Him…….Blessings!….Kim

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