Faith Says what God Says SAYS WHAT GOD SAYS

We recently celebrated the Birth of Christ in the 2014th Year of our Saviour’s death and resurrection. He completed His marvelous work to bring us (mankind ) back into a relationship with Our Father. God (the creator of everything), truly wanted a family, but gave us the free will to chose to be part of His family or not.
We were born, adopted in, or married into our natural family. By faith we are born into Gods family, by believing in Jesus and what he did for us. Our spirit is born again, we’re alive unto Christ, and have the Holy Spirit living in us.
Jesus and His word are the same, which is says in John chapter 1. His Spirit and His word were given to us as a gift to us who believe in Him. But most never open the gifts, or attempt to use them. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word, not just hearing it once. It’s like we eat every day to feed our bodies. but would die if we only ate once and thought it was enough. We need the word coming into us every day to feed our born again spirit what it needs to grow, and mature. Listening to the word in music bless us a lot…Praying that it is blessing you..
God Bless
Jerry & Cindy


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