Hezekiah, Hezekiah, Hezekiah

Hezekiah, Hezekiah, Hezekiah,
Is the word I heard in a song as  I woke from a dream. So I wrote it down. Here is a Healing message about Hezekiah.
And one from today… God Bless
Hezekiah  9-5-14

My Daughter who is 31 now, asked me a question a few weeks ago which went like this.
Dad, Do you remember when I was a little girl and the palm of my hand was covered with warts? I said yes, I think there was over 10 of them, which you were a little embarrassed going to school with them. Yes she said: And remember mom praying for them to go away in the name of Jesus. I said yes again. It was a heartfelt prayer in which I was in agreement with her. And the next morning we were very excited and praised the Lord for removing every one…..of them…” Hallelujah”.
Well, as she continued; I met this lady a few months ago, and she showed me the bottom of her foot, which was covered in warts of some kind, causing her extreme pain, and could hardly walk. I told her this story, prayed for her in the name Of Jesus. And I Didn’t see her again for months. Well she found me last week and told me that she came looking for me the next morning, but I had moved, so she didn’t know where I was until now. She was so excited to tell me of the warts completely being gone the next morning. Thank you Jesus!
God is truly a healing God, and not a respecter of people.


5 thoughts on “Hezekiah, Hezekiah, Hezekiah

    • Thank you for commenting Denise,
      It blesses me very much.
      Last night I told this story to the Inmates @ a correctional facility in our area. Two others from out church and myself go there once a month. I believe it helps lift our faith when we here testimonies like this.
      About 10 came forward to be prayed for at the end of the service. One persons eyes were healed right away, He was smiling so big it was amazing to see God do such wonderful things.
      I agree with you Denise as you have, or will pray for your daughter. God is a good God, and as you said nothing is too small for Him.
      Thanks again
      God Bless

      • Praise God! Thanks for sharing! I wrote a story based on this passage in Hezekiah, as well. It is called, “Saved by Cake”, from June 20, 2014. This morning, I sensed the LORD asking me if I want to be healed. I do – He had healed me previously from Fibromyalgia muscle pain and initiated the healing in the same way – asking me. I am ready and waiting. Appreciate any prayers for healing of all of the autoimmune diseases I am afflicted by. May God be glorified in this process!

      • Yes Denise, May God Be glorified.
        I thank Him right now for every infirmity leaving your body in Jesus name.That you are healed by the strips of Jesus. Every pain must go in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord, Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus that Denise is healed from the top of her head, to the tip of toes in Jesus name.
        and may God Be Glorified. Amen

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