” A Roller Coaster “


5 thoughts on “” A Roller Coaster “

  1. I came to say thank-you for following Men of One Accord and welcome. I see we have much in common so I think I shall just hang out here for a time and get to know another brother in Christ better. God Bless, James

  2. Thank you James for your comment.
    I enjoyed reading from your blog.
    And I am glad your spending time here..
    God is so awesome when we fully submit our life to Him.
    He opens the curtains to what was there all along.
    As we see what He has for us,
    the largest smile we’ve ever had shows up on our face, and tears of joy began to fall.
    We took a step of faith, believing in Him and His son, and our life changed to be the best after all.
    Helping others to know Him better is a strong desire He put in me.
    To help our brothers and sisters have in Jesus, victory.
    God Bless

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