” Refrain From Lying “

Grinder Refrain from Lying 6-7-14.bmp


3 thoughts on “” Refrain From Lying “

  1. Disturbing reality which pushes me to pray for those who have lied about, and against, me. Do they not grasp the eternal consequences of their bowing to convenience and personal advantage and cruelty to God’s children? Now is the day of salvation!

    • Hi David,
      I always like reading your comments. And I thank you for them.
      As you mentioned disturbing reality, I think about the people who have not grasped yet how God’s attitude toward lying is very serious. Which I was one of those, before Jesus set me free. They as I did need someone praying for them. May each have an encounter with The Lord that transforms their life. So they too, as Saul became Paul, will make a difference in this world for the positive.
      We are held accountable for every idle word we speak, whether written or spoke out loud.
      May all our words bring glory to God.
      God Bless

      • Thank you for your kind words.
        Several Christian songs recently have dealt with this. Obviously God is telling us something!

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