” For This Reason “

is from the 1st and 3rd chapters of Ephesians.  My wife and I were married in 1976 and in 1992 we opened our selves to a sort of Pandora’s Box. And to make a very long story short, we were separated and in a divorce battle. Turning to Jesus I became born again. I learned to pray, and a few months later found this Ephesians prayer and started using it, inserting my wife’s name where the word you…. is daily. I also got others to be in agreement with me during my prayer. ……. 

Months went by, but I never gave up believing in God’s faithfulness. She gave her heart to the Lord and God restored our marriage a short time later. We now share as best as we can about what God’s Marvelous love can do in anyone’s life that is given to him.

2 thoughts on “” For This Reason “

  1. Great is the power and love of our God! Praise Him who takes the time to fill these unworthy vessels. May it be to His glory and many thanks to Him for all that He shares of Himself with us.
    It must make you two feel so much closer and greatful to Him for what He has done in your lives and your relationship. I pray that it is an inspiration and an eye-opener for all the rest of us and helps us to see just in whose hands we all rest.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Scott,
      Appreciate your comment, and I agree with you.
      The two of us have grown closer because of Him and his word in our life, during the last 20 years for sure. Commenting ones life to Him, getting his word in our heart, and it becoming part of us, applying it in our life, makes all the difference. He is truly an awesome God..
      Thanks again Scott,
      God Bless

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