3 thoughts on “” With outstretched arms “

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your comment; I am glad that the words of this post were helpful.
      I hope also that God continues to bless and help others through both of our posts.
      I have read some of yours as well, during the time I have to read, which is not as often as I would like, but from time to time. Very good what I have read so far.
      In regard to your question; did I write this just for you? My answer is yes. And I would like explain why I say this, and I hope you don’t mind.
      I believe that God knows what each of his children need, and has a plan working to answer each need. He uses obedient people that here his voice to do this in most cases. The voice of the Shepherd we should always follow.
      And I believe for the person with the need is, to put their self, or be in the place to receive what God has for them. The Quarter back throws the ball and the receiver gets in the open to receive it. By prayer we bring help for this to happen. Angels go into play to remove the blockers, our opposition of us receiving our need, and then we have to catch the ball so we may make a touchdown and get our need met. A question we also need to ask our self sometimes is this. After we catch the ball am I going to receive what I have been given and apply it to my life or circumstances in my life?
      I told our Pastor during the last month that I was thankful for him being obedient in getting into the deep part of the river of what God has for his children, and pulling out the perfect fish to feed each of his flock at a time in which they need it.
      Well David, my desire to answer your question got me rambling, but I hope it was helpful.
      The Post you referred to came after the one on love, during the week of Valentines’ .I had a strong desire, and had to write and post it during that week, before going out of town. I remember getting up very early in morning to write it. It just flowed and focused on 1 Cor. 13. In traveling last week, I flew to Orlando for business conference on the 13th and came home on Monday the 17th. Spending 4 nights in a hotel by myself is not my desire. But this time it’s the way it was. I normally watch TV while in the Hotel room, but this time it was different, on three out of the four. I didn’t watch TV on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; instead I listened to the word, wrote the post about Truth, the one about This side of Heaven. And a few others re-posted that I had written last year.
      Thank you for reading David as I share my short story with you. The word about With Outstretched arms was given, or came to me on the evening I got back home, as I was setting, resting a little before retiring for the night. The name, and most of the Post you referred to, I wrote down during that time. I knew I would get back to it, but wasn’t sure when. Tuesday I spent the whole evening with three of my grandchildren. I went to Church on Wednesday evening and Pastor was finishing his February series on Love, but God was speaking to me about Love in a different vein. While listening with my natural ears to Pastor, I was listening to The Father through the Holy Spirit, and writing down what he was saying about Love’s Light. I had to Post it the next evening before I went to bed. Then as soon as I finished posting He gave me the start of the next one, “Love’s Fire” which I had to get up at 1 AM and finish. Then I posted it when I had time, during the next day. Which brings me back again to the one “With Outstretched Arms” which I was now needing to finish and just had to posted last night.
      Now my question I have for you my brother David; do you think God orchestrates things through us, as He builds his kingdom, and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven… Was this Post on time? I hope it was.
      God Bless

      • Well, I admit your response was far more than expected, however, God never misses a trick! Too many times have I seen someone get a personal message from something I said or wrote for me to believe anything less than God at work. Companionship of believers goes way beyond any one-hour meeting a week, or even beyond the people we see physically. Attention: God at work!

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