” The Last Breath “


How would it be,
The Last Breath for you and me?

Each one of us will have one,
We don’t know just when.
We all had a beginning
But, do we all have an end?

A few things I remember about the seven last weeks of my Brother George.

He had only weeks to live when we moved him in with us
He had good days and others not so good.
He loved his three little Chihuahuas and hated to see them go,But he knew he couldn’t take care of them anymore.                                                                                                                                       We were able to find a good home for them after a few weeks.

And if you knew George, then you know how his car was always very important to him.He liked driving and spending time with it. It was kind of like one of his best friends. After 4 days after he arrived here, he couldn’t drive anymore, So no more cars, this was a sad day for him when he had to let it go.

 During his first days with us, he was afraid to go to sleep at night.
Thinking he might die in his sleep. So my wife Cindy checked on him almost every night.
He was cold all the time, so we added Space heaters to keep the room above 80 for him.
He watched the food channel on TV almost all the time which gave him ideas, of something different to eat.But he only took a bite or two, after Cindy prepared them for him. He liked grapefruit with sugar on top. Whole Milk, Dr. Pepper, water, Coffee with lots of Sugar, and Daylight Donuts. Not any other kind.Oranges, Burritos, Watermelon, Gooseberry pie, Blueberry Pie, and Strawberries.Cindy was on the go often to the Store for something special.

He wanted to get in the Hot Tub. We helped him into it. It was his first time and He really enjoyed it, and said: “ Oohhhh! This is wonderful-I love it “.He was able to get in by himself the second time. (A good Day).But, the Third and last time he needed help again.While He was in the hot tub he said to me that he wanted to tell me something,And then said: I want to thank you for letting me stay here. I said: Your welcome “I Love You George, You’re my Brother. You would have done the same for me. I remember his tears running down his face.

Cindy, and my two sisters prayed with George and talked with him about Gods word.
I am so thankful for them being true laborers of God’s Love.                                                                                                               He didn’t think he was worthy, but received Jesus as his own Lord and Saviour.                                                                                                 This reminded me of my sisters being so instrumental during my time when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in 1992.

George didn’t want to be by himself when his time came and would say to Cindy.
Tell me the truth. When am I going to die? Not knowing when that would be.
She told him that she would be there for him when it was time.

Will we be afraid when our time is close?
It could be like a candle in the wind.

As I think about my Brother, I am so grateful for the Lord’s Love, his Mercy, and Grace.
When He looked at George, as with each of us, I believe he would say: 
I died for your sins, I took your place. Come to me my child and stay at my place.

When George took Jesus by the hand,
He drew his line in the sand.
Confessing with his mouth he let Jesus in,
Allowing Jesus to cleanse him of all sin.
I know where George is today.
Because, Jesus is always with you when you believe and pray.

George had became more at peace, more grateful
And he showed great courage during his last few weeks.
He had a real heart change in which he truly regretted all his past wrongs,
and asked for forgiveness of them.  He fear was gone  now because of Jesus.

Hospice moved him to a place called Claire House during his last few days.                                                                                                              A place where one is made comfortable during the time the end is at hand,                                                                                                     and they called us when he could no longer speak.

We believe George waited for Cindy to be with Him as she said she would.               cloudAnd as Cindy sat at George’s side during his last few minutes, She spoke to him,

and told him: it’s ok to go now, and Jesus was with him.       Then he shed his last tear.      And he took his last breath.              

  My sister came in moments later and saw where the tear had been.

 So I will remember my brother George and I will celebrate his New Life.

He was with us… 51½ years. From November 17th 1956 – May 17th 2008


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